Hard Decisions


I’ve spent the last few months sub-contracting for a yarn firm (I won’t name them). They send me yarn and a pattern, I knit the pattern and send it back, Sounds simple. However, deadlines are tight (usually a 3 – 4 week turnaround on most items, no matter how large or complicated), tension requirements are strict, patterns are often vague or incorrect, the yarn is not always great, and people who know little to nothing about knitting make illogical decisions on how to proceed. Most importantly, the pay is rubbish. A sweater that took me 40 hours to knit will see me paid approximately £50. This work has took up all of my time and energy and left me little room to grow my own business. So, although the work is regular and predictable, and the pay is arguably not much less than the profit I would make with my own designs, the depression bought on by my lack of time for my own creativity means I’ve decided to put aside working for others and get back to what I love – creating and making things, posting photos, and blogging. Wish me luck!!

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