A Bunny’s Tale (part 1)

Or why one small free kit took three days to make


This is the saga of one small bunny kit, which came free early this summer on the front of an issue of my favourite magazine, Mollie Makes. I love the kits that come on the front of this magazine. I’m on the move a lot, and it is so easy to look at the packet, see what extras I need to grab, and put it all in my bag as I walk out of the door. So on Monday I grabbed the Pom Pom Tail Plushie Bunny kit from out of the basket, checked the kit list on the packet, put some scissors in my bag and got Issue 39 off my bookshelf. See how it says Issue 39, right here on the back?



But when I got to my destination and unpacked my bag, I found that Issue 39 wasn’t the right issue Sad smile


So there I was, stuck for 2 hours in my car with nothing to do except fiddle with my phone.

Tuesday dawned, and another two hour car session. I’d discovered the previous evening that the correct magazine was number 40, and I felt completely prepared. I launched into my snipping and sewing with gusto…only to find that there was no blue thread to sew the bunny face on with. Improvise! I thought, and sewed the face on rebelliously with black instead. Then I was dismayed to discover that there was no eyes in the kit either.


Oh, sorrowful me. I did as much as I could, then returned home again with my incomplete bunny. Would I be able to find some substitute eyes at home?

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