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My daughter will soon be winging her way home from sunny Cyprus after working there over the summer, so I decided to make her a little gift to keep her tootsies warm when she back in windy England. I just grabbed some stash yarn for these, some Peter Pan in an interesting pattern I bought on holiday a couple of years ago. I already made a dead fish hat out of it but still had a couple of balls left. This is my basic go-to sock pattern, although I’ve adapted it slightly to fit a size smaller and a size bigger than I usually knit (yes, all the women in this house have 9” feet).  I made up the heel pattern on a whim, but I’m sure in the entire history of knitting someone must have beat me to it, so if you recognise it and can name it, I’d be ever so grateful.


Basic Sock with Fancy Heel

You will need:

4 x 3 ¾ mm double pointed needle (UK size 9) or circular if preferred.

75 (80, 90)g Peter Pan DK shade 1356

or any needles/yarn that will give you the correct gauge of...

22sts and 31 rows over 10cm in stocking stitch.

Measurements: To fit foot length 8” (9”,10”) [20 ½ cm (23 cm, 25 ½ cm]

Cast on 44 (44, 46) sts. Divide evenly onto 3 needles. Join in the rnd, placing marker at beginning of row.

1st round: *k1, p1, rep from * to end.

Cont. in rib as set for 5 (5, 6) cm.

Cont. in st. st. until work measures 18 (19, 20) cm.


Knit 11 (11, 13) sts from 1st needle. Slip these sts, plus 11 (11, 13) from end of last round onto a separate needle. Place remaining sts onto a stitch holder for instep.

Working on 22 (22, 26) heel sts only, cont. as follows:

1st row: (WS) p all sts.

2nd row: (RS) Keeping yarn at front of work *sl1p, p1, rep from * to end

3rd row: (WS) p all sts.

4th row (RS) Keeping yarn at front of work *p1, sl1p, rep from * to end.

Rep last 4 rows for heel pattern until heel measures 5 (6, 6) cm, ending on a WS row.

Heel shaping:

Keeping heel pattern correct, proceed with heel shaping as follows:

1st row: patt 11 (11, 13), p2tog, p1. Turn

2nd row: p4, p2tog, p1. Turn

3rd row: patt 5, p2tog, p1. Turn

4th row: p6, p2tog, p1. turn

5th row: patt 7, p2tog, p1. turn

6th row: p8, p2tog, p1. turn

7th row: patt 9, p2tog, p1. turn

8th row: p10, p2tog, p1. turn

9th row: patt 11, p2tog, p1. Turn

Small & Medium size only:

10th row: p to last 2 sts, p2tog.

Large size only:

10th row: p12, p2tog, p1. Turn

11th row: patt 13, p2tog, p1. Turn

12th row: p to last 2 sts, p2tog.

12 (12, 14) sts rem.

All sizes:

Next row: K all heel sts.

With RS facing, pick up and k 14 (14, 15) sts along left side of heel. With 2nd needle, k 22 (22, 26) across instep sts from holder. With 3rd needle, k 14 (14, 15) sts up right side of heel, then k 6 (6, 7) sts from 1st needle. 62 (62, 70) sts.

Cont. in st. st. as follows:

1st rnd: Needle 1 – Knit to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1. Needle 2 – knit all sts. Needle 3: K1, ssk, k to end.

2nd rnd: knit.

Rep. Last 2 rnds until 44 (44, 46) sts rem.

Cont. in st. st. until foot measures 15 (16.5, 18) cm from base of heel.

Toe shaping:

1st rnd: Needle 1 – knit to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1. Needle 2 – K1, ssk, knit to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1. Needle 3 – K1, ssk, knit to end.

2nd rnd: Knit.

Rep last 2 rnds until 24 (24, 26) sts rem.

Cast off with method of choice. I used a 3 needle bind off, which you can learn how to do here:



This is my first upload to the Ravelry pattern database. A bit scary!! You can find the details here:

Hope you all like it!

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