Into July

Wow! July already? The first half of this year sure flew by! Continued illness has kept me away from much activity. My garden is currently bearing the brunt of this. I’m ashamed to show you a picture of it’s current state after it has continued unloved since last October, but I will.


I’ve survived mowing the lawn a couple of times, but that is about all. My teenage daughter has been bribed with the thought of £5 a week to help out, hopefully starting this weekend. We shall see how she gets on. Anything will be an improvement by this point.

I still haven’t had much time to work on my own projects as I’m currently working on some contract knitting with Rowan. I can’t share garment pictures (shh! it’s a secret) but I’m sure they won’t mind me posting a picture of the yarn I’m working with. This is a cotton yarn from Igea. I’ve never heard of them, but this is a lovely, easy yarn to work with, and although I’m not keen on the colour I’ll definitely be keeping a sample square in my collection for future inspiration.


I’ve managed to save some time and sanity and still manage to provide us with a healthy meal thanks to the delights of our regular Gousto box. It’s a little pricey (works out at around £5 per meal) but it’s been a godsend in recent weeks. Last night I cooked a lovely Japanese Hot and Sour Udon noodle soup which my sore throat loved! You can get £20 off your first box by using the code GOUSTOFRIENDS and mentioning my name during checkout.

In other news, I’ve still got some stock of fluffy baby jackets left, so they are back in the Etsy store! Only available in 14”-16” inch chest unfortunately, and not available for customs. You can buy one for your little darling by clicking on ‘Etsy’ in the menu bar above.

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