WIP Wednesday #6


Today you find me in a mixed mood after having a lot of ups and downs this week. On the upside, I fixed my own toilet and finally got my wedding ring off after separating from my husband in January. I spent a lovely day yesterday with some lovely friends in their new home, being pampered with coffees, lunch, and dinner. No cooking for me at all yesterday. Today I’ve sold a rabbit run that was surplus to requirements, so hopefully I’ll be able to get my hair cut this weekend. I also got around to mowing the back lawn! On the downside, there is something wrong with my car (again), the hot tap in my bathroom has seized up, and my boiler needs fixing. Ho hum!

This afternoon I shall be chilling with my Betty Mouat sweater, while watching the finale of Falling Skies, after spending a lazy time in the garden and wasting too much time on facebook!

betty mouat 210813

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