Juice Fast–Day 5

So I managed to survive this far. It’s been touch-and-go on a few occasions though. I feel crappy. Days 2 and 3 were ok, although I was ludicrously hungry on both days with a severe headache. I have had to eat a light supper every night. On day 2 I had some plain rice, curried rice and prawns. Day 3 was my daughters birthday and I had a small portion of fish and chips in the pub. Yesterday (day 4) and today have been horrible. I am no longer hungry, I just have a constant gnawing pain in the pit of my stomach. I’m tired, nauseous, confused and tearful. I feel spaced out and slightly dizzy. Up until yesterday I had also not lost any weight, although I did lose an inch from my hips and waist. This morning I appear to have lost a pound. I am meant to be carrying on for another 11 days, juicing 4 times a day and eating two meals, but frankly if I see another glass of juice I shall probably vomit or cry, or both. It really isn’t worth it, I would rather be slightly overweight than be this hungry again.

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