WIP Wednesday #5


I finally finished the ginormous cardigan and returned it to it’s rightful owner! An important lesson has been learnt here – never take on a big commission again. It really reminded me of the old days working for the yarn companies when I was expected to churn out huge mens sweaters to ridiculous deadlines for very little pay. At least I got paid a fair amount for knitting the ginormous cardigan. Never again though.

So this week has been quite exciting as I’ve worked on some projects that hadn’t been out in a couple of months, due to cardigan-related guilt. I found a couple of knitted creatures in various states of progress. One of them I finished completely (photo on Friday). Two of them are loitering on the bookshelf, not quite finished.


This little teddy bear guy has no eyes. I tried to embroider his eyes, but was not happy with the result. They were too small and he looked too much like a cat. He shall sit here until I finish pondering.







This cat has no ears. I found all the pieces of cat in the bottom of one of my canvas knitting-on-the-go bags, but when I made him up I realised I had neglected to knit him any ears. He is sitting patiently with teddy.






I also decided to reward myself by starting my long-awaited Betty Mouat sweater by Kate Davies. I’m using Artesano 100% alpaca. I’ve already managed to muck up the first cockleshell repeat, and I have no intention of redoing it. I’m such a rebel!


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