WIP Wednesday #1

Lots of work done this week on Christmas orders! Next year I’m going to start planning for Christmas in August, then I might have time to complete some projects of my own!

1. Socks – on Aubergine Artesano Merino. This yarn is lovely, the pattern is excellent, I shall be knitting these again ;)

2. Bayleef Pokemon for my friends daughter. Not my favourite project ever, but I need the crochet experience.

3. My daughters Christmas present – Carpathian pullover in Drops Vivaldi. No picture because I haven’t had time, not because she reads my blog! It’s been a loooooong time since I knitted anything in mohair. I beginning to remember why. It is very frustrating trying to count rows, see the pattern etc. This is a nice yarn though.
I’m already planning projects for the New Year. Crochet bootees are currently occupying my mind, along with hand-painted sock yarn. Just need to finish this never-ending Christmas to-do list first!
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