Wednesday, 21 November 2012

WIP Wednesday #1

Lots of work done this week on Christmas orders! Next year I’m going to start planning for Christmas in August, then I might have time to complete some projects of my own!

1. Socks – on Aubergine Artesano Merino. This yarn is lovely, the pattern is excellent, I shall be knitting these again ;)

2. Bayleef Pokemon for my friends daughter. Not my favourite project ever, but I need the crochet experience.

3. My daughters Christmas present – Carpathian pullover in Drops Vivaldi. No picture because I haven’t had time, not because she reads my blog! It’s been a loooooong time since I knitted anything in mohair. I beginning to remember why. It is very frustrating trying to count rows, see the pattern etc. This is a nice yarn though.
I’m already planning projects for the New Year. Crochet bootees are currently occupying my mind, along with hand-painted sock yarn. Just need to finish this never-ending Christmas to-do list first!
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Andrea James

Andrea is a compulsive crafter, bibliophile, and knitwear designer from small town UK. She loves ridiculous sweaters and vintage knitting patterns. She currently lives with her teenage daughter, three cats and an elderly guinea pig, and is usually found squashed into a corner of the sofa surrounded by yarn and books.