Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Time box progress

I've made a little progress on the time box today. I had an idea to use some pictures of tranquil scenes from holiday brochures as a background. I love looking through travel brochures and planning holidays that I can't afford to take and often manage to lose myself in this activity for an hour over a cup of coffee. I thought I could then overlay this with some clock pictures. It turned out like this:

This was not pleasing. I actually prefered the back which I just overlayed in some paper with clocks on.

I decided to play around with some waterclours to try and reproduce the colours from the paper on the back and ended up with something much more appealing, but didn't get a chance to take a photo, so you'll have to wait to see it.

In other news, I have joined a amigurumi cow CAL on the Fresh Stitches ravelry group/blog. I'm making a pink and white cow with the horrid candy pink yarn that I hate. It will only have small pink blotches so I should be able to cope with that. And it is a really cute cow! I spent half an hour trying to find my 5mm hook so I could cast it on tonight, then finally gave up and decided I would just have to pop to the shops tomorrow and get another, only to stand up and find I was sitting on it! So I'm off now to get it started. Wish me luck, my crochet skills are quite basic.

I'll leave you with a pic of a book protector I made a couple of months back and forgot to post. I used two strands of Dk for this. The hand dyed blue wool came from a lovely little shop in Great Missenden that I visited with a friend and I can't remember the name of. If anyone knows what it is called I'd be grateful as they also have a website and I'd like to buy some more of this yarn. It was only £3 a skein and it is wonderful to knit with.

Andrea James

Andrea is a compulsive crafter, bibliophile, and knitwear designer from small town UK. She loves ridiculous sweaters and vintage knitting patterns. She currently lives with her teenage daughter, three cats and an elderly guinea pig, and is usually found squashed into a corner of the sofa surrounded by yarn and books.