Art therapy

Sad times here at the moment. My Mum passed away on the 20th May, and I seem to have lost all my knitting mojo. I think in part that this is because she taught me to knit when I was just 5 years old, and even when her MS developed to a point where she could no longer knit, she was always curious about my projects. Also nothing feels 'normal' right now and my days have lost their natural rhythm and routine. So for now I am focusing on some mixed media projects and journaling and I'm finding this very theraputic.

A month or two ago I purchased Marney Makredakis' Creating Time book for my Kindle (I'll post a link in the sidebar - also available in hard copy).I'm a big fan of her website and have joined some of the free teleclasses and workshops in the past, so I know how good her materials are. I'm now starting on my first ARTsignment from the book, which is to produce a box of Time to fill with interesting observations about my concept of time.

I had a chocolate box which I had been saving because it hinged open and looked like a book. For the first layer I just covered it in PVA and stuck white tissue paper all over it. I intend to add a couple more layers of papers on top so it doesn't matter too much that the words are visible underneath. Not much of a start, but a start nonetheless. I already feel more productive. I also had a big tidy up in the workroom which previously looked like this:

Now I actually have room to work and relax in!

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