Thursday, 2 February 2012

What I made yesterday

Socks for Kira. These socks have been a pain in the bum. I subbed the yarn in the pattern for something chunkier, which was fine until I came to the heel and found some weird heel decrease going on that I couldn’t fathom, which made the foot end up tiny. After frogging the heel 4 times I gave up and made it up myself. Here’s a close up:
101_0085The pattern is from the Garn Studio website. Get a copy here.
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Andrea James

Andrea is a compulsive crafter, bibliophile, and knitwear designer from small town UK. She loves ridiculous sweaters and vintage knitting patterns. She currently lives with her teenage daughter, three cats and an elderly guinea pig, and is usually found squashed into a corner of the sofa surrounded by yarn and books.