Here's our new friend Truffle

Now I've settled into the new house and unpacked all my stash I've finally started the first round of the new rotation. Here it is:

Round 1
HAED Queen of Annwyn01/02/10

Fleur-de-lis Heart Warming Dance

TW Lady of Shallot14/02/10
LaDeDa Mares and Oats07/02/10

I'm not sure what to put in the knitting slot cos I keep changing my mind. I may stick to some small finishes for now, sock, gloves and the like. I've also joined the challenge over on theWagon to only stitch from my stash this year. This shouldn't be to difficult as I have rather a lot of it!

I'm cramming quite a lot in lately as I've also just started my degree again after a 10 year hiatus. This is really exciting, especially as I've switched from classical history to music. I'm now two weeks in and I'm loving it. I can't make it to tutorials though as they are on a Saturday in Leicester, which i about 2 hours from here and I have band practice. Also the veg garden is planned, seeds have been catalogued and garden has been dug. Its gonna need a couple more sessions of digging first though as the clay soil here is really clumpy.

I've also been reading. First there was Scar Tissue which I thoroughly enjoyed eventually. You can read my review if you click on the linky bit.

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