Rotating rotation

I’ve decided to work a rotation again this year. I need a coherent plan to reduce some stash AND get these bloody baby jumpers finished. I’ve listed my rotation on the Rotation Stitchers BB, but here it is again.

So the plan is to work on each of these for at least 2 hrs before moving on to the next.

1. HAED Queen of Annwyn

2. LaDeDa Mares & Oats

3. Chatelaine Pompeji Garden

4. Fleur De Lis Heart Warming Dance

5. TW Lady of Shallot 

6. Knitting project (currently a DROPS norwegian jumper)

I may not necessarily work on them in this order, but shall only work each of them once every round. I may work on them for longer than 2 hours if the fancy takes me. I will also not make any new starts this year until I am down to 5 WIP’s, but I may be tempted to stash as I feel some needlepoint may be in order ’

There’s been lots of snow fun here recently, it has cleared in the last couple of days we are forecast a fresh load before the end of the week. I’m waiting to dig a vegetable garden but the soil is just too hard right now. Kira is waiting for ants for her ant farm, and needs worms for her wormery but neither are happening till the weather warms up a little.

The poor birds at Barnwell Country Park only had a little bit of water left to swim in at New Year!

The norwegian sweater that I had started had to be unpicked as the tension was working out way too big, despite doing a tension square before hand. So now I have cast on a size smaller and hope that should work out ok.

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