Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year, new starts, old finishes

I’ve made a new knitting start for the new year. Its from the DROPS website and I’m using some stash wool I got from the charity shop several months ago. I’ve been meaning to knit something from this site for ages, so I’m quite pleased with my choice.

I’ve done no x stitch now for about 10 months, nor been on any forums. This is
mainly because I packed most of my sewing ready to move house. Yes, we finally
moved house! It is wonderful here, peaceful and quite and I just have to trip
out the front door to be in the countryside. Now the unpacking is done I shall
endevour to get back into the stitching again. I’m especially missing my HAED
Queen of Annwyn. This year I need to get some finishes, knitting, cross stitch
and otherwise as my new house is slightly smaller than the old one and the stash
is taking over. I may have to get rid of some books too :(
Andrea James

Andrea is a compulsive crafter, bibliophile, and knitwear designer from small town UK. She loves ridiculous sweaters and vintage knitting patterns. She currently lives with her teenage daughter, three cats and an elderly guinea pig, and is usually found squashed into a corner of the sofa surrounded by yarn and books.