A short tale of a long scarf...

... which I finally finished and posted this morning! I have been model knitting a beret and scarf for the last three weeks. The scarf measures 190cm, which is very long in terms of scarf knitting. I began to feel like I was knitting a scarf for Dr Who (aka Tom Baker era, for those too young to remember). But tis finished and gone, never to be seen again! This leaves me some time to finish  Laughing Carrots for DD2.




As you can see, only half a sleeve to go and borders then it'll be finished.

Also squee! I have resisted buying any more charts for months, so decided to reward myself by buying two La-D-Da designs charts!  I bought Mares Eat Oats mainly because it is a song my Mum and my Nan used to sing when I was little, so I shall make this one for Mum. And I bought Something Wicked just because. So now I have an excuse to buy fabby and thread too. Double squee!!

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