I rather neglected my blog last year, so I have decided to have a 'spring clean' and start again. I shall endeavour to post more frequently and with more pictures. I'm gonna have to redo my widgets. I was using blogrolling for my sidebar blog list, but they seem to be having some problems so I may have to enter my blogroll manually which is a pain in the bum. Also I have decided to abandon Shareapic photo service for the simple reason that it is crap. The pay per view is rubbish, the bidvertiser ads don't work properly, the bulk uploader isn't reliable and now I can't view my pictures. If I try to look at an album it wants me to install a photoviewer that is instantly flagged by AVG as a trojan. So I defer back to Photobucket, whom I should have stayed with in the first place.

I have also been working to set up an online business selling mind, body and spirit books. You can find my preliminary bookstore by clicking here     BERKANA'S BOOKS

Here's a pic of my lovely Daddy and my girls all wearing their winter hats. DD2 at front is wearing pixie hat that I knitted last year.



This is a homeschool trip to a farm in floor. DD2 got to bottle feed some baby goats (or kids).


farm trip 034

farm trip 030

There was potato planting...

farm trip 008

feeding the horses..

.farm trip 041

and much stroking of trip 044

These pictures have been lurking on my laptop for so long I can't even remember when last year they were taken. I think they were taaken by Emma S. I'm cleaning out my pics too, so will post some more sometime during the week.

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