Pixie Hat update

I'm beginning to wish I never started knitting the darn thing. First I knitted a tension square. Then I started to knit the hat, which after about 10 rows was obviously going to be too big. At least twice as big as I wanted. Goddess knows why I didn't notice after I cast on but I was watching Casnova at the time so my mind was elsewhere. So I recalculated, couldn't find any mistakes anywhere. I knitted another tension square which led me to discover I had made a huge cock-up originally as the tension I had wrote down was way different to what the tension actually was. Problem solved. I started again. After about 30 rows I realised that the decrease edge was going to be too sharp. I want a pointy hat, not a cap. I undone it again, reworked the decrease and voila! Here is progress so far. Its going slow as it is a double thickness stocking stitch for extra warmth and cosiness.

The stitch is basically K1, sl1. If anyone knows the name of this stitch please tell me. My Mum and my Gran always called it Fishermans Rib, but it plainly isn't smile_sarcastic

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