Thursday, 8 March 2007

New Starts

After organising my stash I have decided to attempt a new rotation. I have a stack of Disney I want to complete, so having one of those on the go is important. Same with Sophisticats. I also want to get the two African designs I bought for my lounge last year finished. Having something smaller that I can complete quick is also a good idea, as most of my WIP's are quite large. I also need something portable for Sundays so I can take it to the riding school to work on.

Mon - TW Lady of Shallot
Tue - Lady and the Tramp
Wed - Heart Warming Dance
Thur - Sophisticats Ivy Cat
Fri - Halloween Gameboard
Sat - HAED Queen of Annwyn
Sun - Marigold Fairy

This is all irrelevant for the next few days however, cos it's the HAED SAL this weekend.

DD2's birthday is tomorrow. I managed to buy the Ponyville and Polly Pocket sets she wanted, plus a Fur Real puppy, but I couldn't get the DS game she asked for. I got her Bratz Babies instead. I hope she likes it. I also bought 5 cheap stacking boxes to try and tidy some of the junk away. Hollie got one to put her doggie toys in and I've left one in the boot for dirty riding boots and wellies. DS and DH had one each and the other is going in the bathroom for Kira's bath toys. The house is a mess this week as DS bought himself a double bed, so we had to dismantle his cabin bed and desk but it isn't going to it's new home till Saturday so it's kinda took over upstairs, plus we had a clear out of clothes and toys which are now in bags waiting for 'someone' (that'll be me then) to take them to the charity shop.

So tired tonight, going off for my weekly dose of Bones and ER. And I've been naughty and fell off the no smoking wagon. It was a long drop. Did you hear me hit the ground?
Andrea James

Andrea is a compulsive crafter, bibliophile, and knitwear designer from small town UK. She loves ridiculous sweaters and vintage knitting patterns. She currently lives with her teenage daughter, three cats and an elderly guinea pig, and is usually found squashed into a corner of the sofa surrounded by yarn and books.